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Workshop 3 : WeMen


During this workshop, we will reflect, share and practice kriyas and meditations.

This workshop that I would prefer to call a Men Circle is an invitation to explore our connection to our deepest self and find our own answers.

We will explore together what it means for us as man to be in touch with our soul. How is it felt and how is it manifested? Which qualities it brings us?

Can we identify moments in our life when we could feel strongly that connection? Today, do we cultivate that relationships with our infinite self? How? Why? Why not? Is that compatible with the responsibilities and expectations of being a father, a businessman, a provider, … ?


Satmukh Singh

Satmukh Singh is creative and curious. While very faithful to Yogi Bhajan’s teachings, he is open to other spiritual practices to deepen his awareness and silence. His main priorities are to keep the teachings alive and meet the needs of today.

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